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Are you looking for a unique and Hong Kong-themed gift or souvenir? TINY is here to provide you with the perfect solution! Our OEM service will help you create custom miniature models to showcase your brand, product, or organization!

Why choose TINY for OEM service?

  • Hong Kong Essence: TINY is rooted in the essence of Hong Kong and dedicated to telling Hong Kong stories. Our miniature models capture the unique scenery, transportation, and architecture of Hong Kong, allowing your brand to be associated with Hong Kong culture.
  • High Quality: We utilize state-of-the-art 3D scanning and printing technology to ensure that each miniature model is highly accurate and true to scale. You can confidently use these models as merchandise, memorabilia, display items, or collectibles.
  • Official Licensing: TINY has obtained official licensing from various car manufacturers and organizations, such as the Hong Kong government, MTRKowloon Motor BusNgong Ping 360SF ExpressGoGoVan, Ocean Park, and more. Your models will feature official logos, enhancing your uniqueness.



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