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【TINY Hong Kong🇭🇰 Announcement】 Change in Delivery Method for Overseas Orders

Effective from April 23, 2024, the delivery method for overseas orders (i.e., deliveries outside of Hong Kong) will be unified and handled by "UPS." This change is aimed at providing a more stable and efficient international shipping service to ensure timely delivery of your orders. We will provide you with relevant tracking numbers once your order has been shipped, allowing you to track the progress of your package at any time. Please note that this change only applies to overseas orders, and local orders will not be affected.

If you need to modify your delivery method or have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service department during office hours via WhatsApp at +852 5633-2221 or email us at In case of any disputes, TINY reserves the right to make the final decision.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

16 Apr, 2024

【TINY 香港🇭🇰公告】 有關海外訂單送貨方式更改 通知

由2024月4月23日起,海外訂單(即 送貨地點為非香港地區)送貨方式將統一由「UPS」進行配送,這一變更旨在提供更穩定和高效的國際運送服務,以確保您的訂單能夠準時送達目的地,我們會在送出訂單後提供相關的追蹤號碼,以便您隨時追蹤您的包裹運送進度;而本地訂單配送則不受任何影響。如需更改運送方式或任何問題或疑慮,請於辦工時間透過Whatsapp +852 5633-2221聯絡客服務部或電郵至。

若有任何爭議,TINY 微影保留最終的決定權。

TINY微影 啟

【TINY 香港🇭🇰公告】有關網店送貨方式更改 通知

由2024月2月19日起,本地訂單可選擇順豐到付 或 到店自取(指定分店)。本地單一訂單之現貨產品淨值到達HK$500,訂單將獲順豐免運服務一次。已下單之訂單不受影響,如需更改運送方式,請於辦工時間透過Whatsapp +852 5633-2221聯絡客服務部。若有任何爭議,TINY 微影保留最終的決定權。

TINY微影 啟


【TINY Hong Kong🇭🇰 Announcement】 Notice Regarding Delayed Shipment of Online Orders

Starting from February 19, 2024, local orders have the option to choose between SF express delivery (Pay on delivery) or in-store pickup (specified branches). For local single orders of in-stock products with a net value reaching HK$500, the order will be eligible for free single SF express delivery service. Existing orders will not be affected; however, if there is a need to change the delivery method, please contact customer service through WhatsApp at +852 5633-2221 during office hours. In case of any disputes, TINY Microfilms reserves the right to make the final decision.

16 Feb, 2024